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At The Lullabar, we offer 1-hour and 2-hour temporary childcare in our play space for ages 10 months to 5 years old. The childcare ratio will be 1:3 for children who are not walking and 1:5 for children who are walking.

Temporary childcare for parents who need a break

At The Lullabar, parents and caregivers can reserve one to two hours for themselves while their little ones enjoy various activities in our play space. Parents must remain on-site and can book self-care services or enjoy time at the cafe.

Reserving childcare is optional and is not necessary to enjoy the space. Walk-ins are welcome, or you may book your slot online to ensure your attendance.

The ages we serve for childcare are 10 months to 5 years old.


Our co-working program offers flexible childcare options tailored to your schedule. Learn more here.

Childcare prices

One-Hour Childcare Session:

  • $22.50 for one child
  • For two or more children, each child costs $20. For example, if you have three children, each child’s childcare session would be $20, totaling $60.

Use discount code “SIBLINGONEHOUR” during checkout.

Two-Hour Childcare Session:

  • $35 for one child, $65 for two children, $80 for three children

Use discount code “SIBLING1” for one additional child or “SIBLING2” for another during checkout.

Purchase Childcare Bundles and Save per Session!

1-Hour Childcare (4 PACK BUNDLE)

Get four 1-hour childcare sessions for $80, saving you $2.50 per session compared to the regular rate of $22.50 each, providing affordable and reliable childcare solutions for your busy schedule.

2-Hour Childcare (4 PACK BUNDLE)

Get four 2-hour childcare sessions for $132, saving you $2 per session compared to the regular rate of $35 each, providing affordable and reliable childcare solutions for your busy schedule.

Our caring staff

At The Lullabar, we take your child’s safety and experience with us very seriously. As mothers, we want to ensure the standards we set are good enough for our kids as well.

Below are our current standards for all childcare monitors:

  • Must pass a full background check.
  • Must have at least two years of experience in childcare with young children. Many of our hires have previous experiences working in a daycare, school and/or both. References are checked!
  • Must have up-to-date certification in CPR and first aid.
  • Must love working with children!

Our child monitors are screened by more than one manager before being offered employment.

Play Space Rules

  1. Hand-Washing/ Sanitize Hands: 
    • Parents must help their child wash or sanitize their hands before entering the play space.
  2. Child’s Personal Items: 
    • Shoes are not allowed in the play space. All children must wear non-slip socks when entering play-space. Socks are available for purchase at our front desk.
    • The child’s items (such as shoes, jackets, hats, etc.) can be stored in The Lullabar’s assigned cubby or be kept by the parent/guardian.
    • No personal toys or stuffies are allowed in play-space. The Lullabar wants to keep child’s meaningful items safe. 
    • The Lullabar is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Please be mindful of the items.  
  3. Grip Socks: 
    • All children attending our play space must wear grip socks. Grip socks will be available for purchase by our front desk.
  4. Water Only: 
    • No food and sugary drinks are allowed in the play area. 
  5. Staying on The Lullabar Premises:
    • Parent/Guardian must AT ALL TIMES stay on The Lullabar premises while child(ren) participates in play-space activities supervised by The Lullabar Staff. 
  6. Information on our buzzers: 
    • Parents must always have their assigned buzzer accessible while the child participates in The Lullabar’s play-space activities. 
    • Parents have (5 minutes) to respond to the buzzer going off and come directly to the play space to meet their child’s needs. If you receiving a nail treatment, we are more flexible as we understand this cannot be rushed!

Parents will be buzzed if:

  • The child experienced injury and/or accident that required parental presence. This may include but is not limited to, 
    • Cuts and/or punctured wounds that need medical attention by a trained staff member, or  
    • The child gets struck by or against an object causing injury (such as a bump, cut, bruise, etc.). 
    • The child has a poopy diaper. 
    • The child is having trouble engaging with peers positively and safely. This may include but is not limited to, 
      • The child exhibits aggressive behavior not manageable for our staff (such as hitting, biting, and kicking others). 
      • The child is experiencing symptoms of illness. This may include but is not limited to, 
        • Unusual behavior, such as drowsiness, pale face, or other symptoms. 
        • The child is complaining of pain or not feeling well.
        • Noticeably elevated body temperature. 
        • Constant Runny Nose and/or coughing. 
        • Other symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, drainage from the eye, etc.) 

Cleaning Procedures

Our Commitment to Cleanliness at The Lullabar

At The Lullabar, we understand that the well-being and safety of your children are of utmost importance. That’s why we’ve made cleanliness and hygiene a top priority. We believe that a clean and sanitized environment is crucial for the health and happiness of your little ones.

Hand Sanitization Before Each Child Care Session

Before every childcare session, we ensure that our monitors & each child’s hands are properly sanitized. Clean hands are the first defense against germs, and our childcare attendants are dedicated to this practice to create a safe environment for all.

Thorough Sanitization After Every Child Care Session

Following each childcare session, our diligent childcare attendants perform a thorough cleaning of the entire play gym. We use Cleansmart to disinfect surfaces and equipment to ensure your child enjoys a clean and safe play area.

Highly Effective and Approved Sanitization

We use Cleansmart, a highly effective and approved sanitizing solution for childcare and daycare centers in all 50 states. What sets Cleansmart apart is its simplicity and safety. Our chosen product is free of bleach, gluten, alcohol, allergens, fragrances, and ammonia. This means it’s gentle on the senses but tough on germs. Cleansmart is trusted to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, providing the peace of mind you need regarding cleanliness.

Toy Sanitization During Parent & Child Open Play

For open play, we’ve introduced a convenient system. We provide a basket where parents can place toys their children have played with. After open play, we ensure that these toys are cleaned and sanitized so that each child can enjoy their playtime without any worries.

Health Confirmation Sign-In Sheet

To further ensure the well-being of all children at The Lullabar, we’ve implemented a health confirmation sign-in sheet. Parents are asked to confirm that their child is not sick and has not been around anyone with COVID-19 symptoms. In addition, we have a strict policy of not allowing anyone into our play space who appears sick or has prolonged coughing. This is an important measure to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Tips for drop-off

A Guide to Happier Goodbyes

dropping off child at play gym

Sometimes separation can be hard! Here are some tips we recommend for the littles before you leave them with our childcare monitors:

  • The night before or the morning of, talk to your child about The Lullabar and get them excited to come and play! Let them know you’re coming back for them.
  • It’s helpful for us to know your child’s potty schedule, so please try to plan your visit around that. And don’t forget to take your little one to the bathroom before leaving them with us.  
  • Dress your child in comfortable clothes! We suggest putting shorts under dresses to make playing easier.  
  • It’s best to keep the drop-off short and sweet! Our child monitors will help redirect your child to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Lastly, make sure your child has a full belly before drop-off. We don’t allow snacks in the play space, but you’re welcome to bring a labeled water bottle that we’ll keep in their cubby.

We hope these tips help make your goodbye a little happier, and we can’t wait to see you and your little one at The Lullabar!

Our Commitment to Parents and Children

  1. We are committed to your child’s safety, ensuring you get some peaceful “me-time.” 
  2. We are committed to maintaining a clean environment. 
  3. We are committed to creating a loving, responsive, and enjoyable play environment for ALL children.  
  4. We are committed to responding to ALL children with respect and compassion. 

It’s time for you!

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