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Redefining What It Means to Be “Family-Friendly”

Welcome to The Lullabar, where we’re reshaping the concept of family-friendly spaces.

As moms, we understand the challenges of stepping out of the house with small children in tow, and that’s why we’ve created a haven that caters to parents, caregivers, and individuals alike.

At The Lullabar, we believe that self-care should be accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a parent seeking a moment of relaxation, a professional looking for a tranquil work environment, or simply someone who appreciates the blend of wellness and community, our space is designed with you in mind.


A Safe Space for All
Our space encompasses a cafe, a luxurious nail salon, an events space and a play space for children six and under. But here’s the beauty of it: childcare is entirely optional. You’re welcome to enjoy our services without the need to book childcare. We’re here to support you, whether you’re with your little ones or flying solo.

Empowering Parents, Elevating Self-Care
We understand that balancing parenthood, work, and personal time can be a juggling act. That’s why The Lullabar is here to empower parents by offering a safe, welcoming environment where you can focus on yourself. While you relax at our cafe, indulge in a rejuvenating nail treatment, or participate in one of our engaging classes, your children can enjoy supervised playtime.

A Community for Everyone
We extend a warm welcome to individuals and couples without children as well. Our aim is to create an atmosphere where everyone can come together, relax, and enjoy our space.

So, whether you’re a parent in search of a little “me time,” a professional seeking a peaceful workspace, or a friend looking for a gathering spot, join us! It’s a place where families and individuals can thrive, without the need to compromise on self-care.


Host a special event at The Lullabar

We are now open for booking birthday parties and baby showers!

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