About Us

Who we are, what we stand for, and where we want to go.

At The Lullabar, we take self-care seriously.

As mothers, we know how difficult it can be to have free time for ourselves. And for some families, it can be practically impossible.

We want to change that.

What we stand for

We’re all about the mother’s experience.

Let’s get straight to the point. Maternal mental health is at an all-time low.

It’s a crisis that affects not only the mother but the entire family. As mothers ourselves, we are in tune with the social isolation that comes with motherhood. We’ve been there.

Left to Right Stephanie Issa Christine Ong Forsythe and Christine Dawood

Our mission

We aim to create a space that provides opportunities for mothers to reconnect with themselves and their community, hoping to make the mothers’ experience more positive and supportive.

Our first location will be in Carlsbad, CA at The Beacon La Costa. We are scheduled to open in mid-February/early March 2023.

Meet for coffee at The Lullabar | This rendering is subject to change

Our offerings

Self-care? Time for yourself? Community? What does it all mean, really?

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Meet for coffee at our cafe

Our cafe will be open to the public and will serve as a place for meet-ups or to work on your laptop.

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Book a manicure at our nail salon

Our beauty room will offer manicures, pedicures, chair massages, and facial waxing.

Take a meditation class

Our workshop room will host several types of classes throughout the day, such as meditation or self-care education.

“As mothers, we believe time for yourself is a right, not a privilege.”

The Lullabar team

But, wait…what about the children?

Don’t worry, we serve the children, too! Simply book a reservation at our play space at a time slot that best fits your self-care reservation! More details coming soon.

Genius, right?

Meet the mamas

Get to know the women behind the scenes

Read about how we got started!